Travel, digital stuff, occasional douchebaggery

Apps you need:

  • Little Snitch - you can setup rules for any network connection. Useful to block suspicious apps
  • BetterTouchTool - custom gestures for trackpad, even on per-app basis possible
  • CleanMyMac X - better uninstall + make more space on drive
  • Amphetamine - keep display awake
  • Speedify - Bundle Wifi and 4G (via USB Tethering)
  • Tunnelblick - Open Source VPN client
  • Bettergram - Telegram with Tabs for contacts, groups, etc
  • Reeder - Best RSS Feed Reader
  • Epichrome - Create multiple instances of Chrome as separate apps
  • Mailplane - Best Gmail client
  • Bartender - expand/collapse menu bar icons
  • Crossover - Run Windows apps on MacOS
  • Handshaker - Exchange files with Android phone via Wifi or USB
  • Flux - Better Night Shift
  • coconut Battery - Check battery health
  • Alfred - Spotlight on steroids
  • + Numi - Instant google results in Alfred (conversions, translations, calculations etc)
  • UnrarX (or Betterzip), Keka - Better handling RAR and ZIP files
  • aText - Text Shortcuts on steroids
  • XtraFinder - Finder on steroids
  • Oversight - Warning when Mic or Cam are activated (developed by former Apple engineer)
  • Browserism (Default browser custom settings)
  • Transmission - best torrent client
  • Jdownloader - download manager with support for many OCH, youtube, etc
  • Sublime Text - best code editor
  • Rambox (find alternative)
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