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The essentials:

  • It all boils down to solve pains and sell the solutions
  • Learn how to create value and solve problems for people or businesses
  • "Reprogram" your brain from problem oriented to solution oriented thinking

best approach:

  • If you are already working in a job, create some solution for the industry you are already an expert in
  • If you have no expertise, then start working somewhere first to get it.
  • Test/Validate your ideas: Dropbox started with a YouTube Video and an email list. Presell/MVP your idea before building it. Product-Market-Fit is key.

Pro tips:

  • Pareto (80/20) your life: Focus on the 20% which brings 80% of your results
  • Execution is key. If you have ideas, don't ask people if they are good. Instead write them down and come up with ways to validate them in the real world
  • Focus is key: Start small: Solve one problem before tackling whole projects. Focus on ONE feature before all the others. Sell one product before you add hundreds.

Good books/reads:

  • 4 Hour Work Week
  • 100$ Startup
  • Escape time money... (check title)
  • The Brain Audit

Good websites:


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