Travel, digital stuff, occasional douchebaggery

Digital Nomad? Frequent Flyer? Mileage Maniac? Here are my tricks how make flying more bearable.

Random hacks:

Avoid overpriced carry-on fees

  1. Buy some small stuff in the Duty Free Shop and get a plastic bag. That doesn't count to your carry-on luggage and you can pack it with additional stuff. That way you can avoid hefty fees on Low Cost Airlines

Free Lounge Access

Frequent Flyers with a Gold status with their airline not only get free lounge access within the airline's partner-network, they can also bring in a guest for free. Here comes the trick: The guest doesn't have to be on the same flight, nor with the same airline.

If you don't want to pay 50-200USD for lounge entrance, simply ask a lone passenger entering the lounge whether he is a gold status holder and if he might be willing to bring you in as a guest.

PS: Be friendly and not pushy.
PPS: don't be creepy or needy.
PPPS: Don't smell. I guess that applies in most life situations.

Lounge finder app

Mobile app: Loungebuddy. It's like yelp for airport lounges. You can add all your frequent flyer tiers, priority passes etc into your profile. In addition you buy buy instant access to many lounges directly through the app.

Avoid overpriced water

Take a small water bottle to the airport with you. Empty it before going through security. In the boarding zone you can refill it with tapwater.

Get ANC headphones

If you even wondered whether Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling do a difference, here is the definitive answer: They do. Period.

If you fly a lot and you wanna bring down your nasty cortisol, that's a good way.

I can recommend three models:

Bose QC35: Ideal for iPhone Users since iOS only supports AAC codec. Also connects well with iOS. Audio quality is more for ppl who like bass-focused sound

Sony MDR 1000: Ideal for Android users. Supports aptx which is supported by many Android phones. Heavier than QC35, but some users report that they can wear them longer without discomfort

Sennheiser bla bla: tbc

Frequent Flyer Programs in Europe

tl;dr: Most of EU based mileage programs are not really interesting. While in the US one can generated a sh*tton of miles with average credit card revenue, EU-based banks don't offer such terms. That's due to restrictions on fees banks and companies are legally allowed to charge.


In Germany not really worth putting any effort into it unless you are really geeky into it. Most credit cards only give 1 Mile per 2 Euro revenue.

Great German websites to start with:

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